Nov 19

Mike P migrating website

Mike P

Top Performer Mike P

Jul 26
Roy C 21 3
Noel C 19 3
Dan T 19 3
Steve W 19 3
Brent T 18 3
John Bu 18 3
Augusto C 18 3
Norm L 18 3
Nick O 18 2
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Jun 29

A great time was had by all!

Season Ladder Winners
1. Matt Jester
2. Brent Tsuda
3. John Duzich

Round Robin A Winners
1. Matt Jester
2. Brent Tsuda
3. Paul Taylor

Round Robin B Winners
1. Manish Anand
2. Khin Aye
2. Cathy Peterson


Mar 16

It has come to Mike P.s attention that not everybody knows how to win when Mike P. is your partner. So we have come up with this informative infographic . Feel free to carry in your pocket as a reference when playing with Mike P.

quick reference, winning with mike P in one easy step!

quick reference, winning with mike P in one easy step!


Jan 04
A ladder

Round Robin A WInners 1. Mike Patton 2. Matt Jester 2. Chris Lu

Round Robin B Ladder WInners

Round Robin B WInners 1. Khin Aye 2. Manny Robledo 2. Laura Valois 2. Allen Zhang

season winners

Fall 2013 Season Ladder Champions 1. Matt Jester 2. Brent Tsuda 3. John Burke


Aug 17


After receiving 3 emails from people who are on vacation and unable to make the purchase today, they asked if they could order later and still get the free 30 minute consulting session with Dr. DenBoer. I just asked him if that would be okay and he said yes. So, officially, this extra, free offer for the 30 minute free consulting session with Dr. DenBoer will be extended through the end of the promotion offer at 5pm PST on Thursday, August 29.

$16.99 for videos, 30 minute private consulting session, and a chance to win 2 amazing prizes? What a deal!


Brent Tsuda
Glendora Tennis Association

Don’t forget to head over to the website of our newest sponsor, Dr. John DenBoer  PH.D. He is giving away a signed towel used and signed by the Bryan Brothers! They are his clients and perhaps you could be too if you want to get that mental edge!  We’d like to thank him for stopping by today! We will provide more details on the towel givaway once they become available.

Dr. John DenBoer

Jul 01

Congrats to all the winners! And to those whose partners let them down, there is always next season!

Season Ladder winners

  1. Matt Jester
  2. Brent Tsuda
  3. Paul Taylor

Tourney A Group Winners

  1. Matt Jester
  2. Timothy Mings
  3. Ed Mena

Tourney B Group Winners

  1. Juan Vargas
  2. John Vinh
  3. Khin Aye

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Mar 04
Glendora Tennis Association mixer with Monterey Park Tennis Club

San Gabriel Valley Tennis camaraderie in Glendora, CA

But Wait, here’s more!

GTA’s social director Tracee Dezzutti (center) flanked by our friends from Monterey Park Tennis Club

Dec 10

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Nov 19

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that, from the President and his band of little elves. We will be congregating @ the President’s house on December 2nd, so be there for the Holiday Cheer and bring your best home made or Costco dessert, should you choose.

According to Social Director Chris Cabrera, this is going to be one rockin’, stompin’ and happening blowout. The word “Epic” gets thrown around a lot these days but there is no question that it applies to this EPIC December 2nd Holiday THROWDOWN (according to Chris Cabrera anyway…).

Come One! Come All!

WHEN: Friday, December 2nd, 6PM til  ??

WHERE: Kobus Residence
1165 North Easley Canyon Road
Glendora, CA

WHY: Because we have to spend the money in the treasury


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