Mar 22
Arcadia vs. Glendora

Arcadia vs. Glendora tennis mixer March 21, 2010

In cloistered meetings between Arcadia Tennis President Andy Chang and Glendora Tennis Association’s Social Director Chris Cabrera (leading Mr. Chang and everyone else around to believe that he is the GTA president), ground rules of the match between Glendora and Arcadia are hammered out.

Chris Cabrera of Glendora and Andy Chang of Arcadia

And below, the two men celebrate a back room deal that ensures they will both be able to take credit for the event’s flawless organization. Meanwhile Michael Chu looks on,  wondering why he has to sit out the first round.

Arcadia Tennis vs Glendora Tennis, 2010

More later as pictures, video and eyewitness accounts of  the clash and camaraderie between SGV tennis clubs unfolded on a partly sunny day at Arcadia Park in the Spring of 2010.

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